PE Dress Requirements

PE Dress Requirements
* All 7th- 8th grade will dress out for PE until further notice
Please for your student's safety, always have your student wear good lace-up athletic shoes on PE days!  
7th-8th grade High School Prep students MUST dress out for PE.  A student's dress out uniform is as follows: 
*Any Trinity spirit shirt purchased in the spirit store, or previous years Field Day Shirts or Trinity sport specific shirts.
*Solid black, red, navy, or royal gym shorts that meet school uniform length requirements.
*Lace-up tennis shoes, and socks.
*A sack pack to keep your clean school uniform in during PE class. 
Students do receive a grade for dressing out.  A non-dress out PE day does count against your grade. Each student is allowed 3 non-dress out days before it will drop their grade an entire letter grade.