State Tax Credits Donations

  • The goal of the tuition tax credit program is to make private schooling available to everyone. There is no cap on how much a student can receive as a scholarship, but the amount that can be used is limited to the cost of tuition. The tax credit law specifies that scholarships may only be used for qualified K-12 private schools.
    Make an STO Donation
    All scholarship money awarded is funded by taxpayer donations. In return, taxpayers are able to claim a tax credit for what they donated, up to the maximum allowed or their income tax liability, whichever is less. Donors are allowed to make student recommendations on their donation. Click here for a Sample Letter to request donations. Educate Arizona taxpayers about these state tax credits! By donating to a School Tuition Organization, you let the state know you support Christian Education!
    Claiming Your Credit
    Now that you've made your Tax Credit donation, you'll need to claim it on your Arizona tax returns. This 5 minute video gives you a quick overview on how to claim your Private School Tax Credit.