Our History

  • Trinity Lutheran School began the Early Childhood Program in 1989. The program offered Preschool classes to three year old children, and also included Pre-Kindergarten programs for four and five year olds. The program was very successful. Kindergarten began in 1991 with one class, and a second class was added the following year.

    In 2000, the Elementary school grew to add a first grade class. The following school year, 2001-2002, the Elementary school offered Kindergarten through fourth grade classes. The school grew by leaps and bounds after that, adding a grade each year. Trinity Lutheran School expanded to eighth grade in 2005. 

    In 2005, Trinity Lutheran School began Child Care for 3 and 4 year olds. In 2007, we offered Child Care for 2 year olds and in January of 2008, a new Preschool class was offered for two year olds. The Preschool Prep Program continued to grow and is one of the only preschool programs in the West Valley to accept children who aren’t yet potty trained. Trinity started Child Care for 1 year old toddlers in in 2009. From Child Care and Preschool through High School Prep, Trinity now provides continuous education for children from age one through eighth grade.