• Thanks to the efforts of Trinity’s staff, our PTO and the parent volunteers, we have a wonderful library at Trinity that holds over 6,000 books! Using the library is a privilege that allows students to checkout books throughout the school year. Students learn the responsibility of borrowing a book beginning in Kindergarten. They learn how to care for, keep track of, and return their library books when they are due.

    You can browse our catalog or see what your students have checked out under their account by visiting the library website.
    On the upper right of the Destiny Discover web page, click Log In. 
    Username: Your child's first initial, last name.
    Password: Your child's 4-digit student ID
    Use the search bar to look for and hold books.
    Use the bar on the left to view checkouts, holds, fines and favorites.

    Email with any questions.


    Our students LOVE graphic novels! We have a good selection in our library, but it’s small! We need more graphic novels! If you would like to make a donation of graphic novels to our school library, please check out our Library Graphic Novel Wish List. Thank you to those who have sent books so far!

Overdue/Lost Library Book Policy

  • New Overdue/Lost Library Book Policy
    A student may not borrow any books from the library if they have any overdue books. Overdue library book reports are run throughout the school year. Books are considered ‘lost’ once they are missing for more than 30 days. Parents are notified if a student’s borrowed books are over 30 days late. If the missing book(s) are not returned, lost book fees will be added to the student’s account on the next available billing cycle. Once fees are assessed, the student may borrow books again. Student accounts will not be charged for books overdue less than 30 days. Books may not be checked out before fees are assessed.

    Lost Book Fees: All lost library books will be assessed $5 processing fee in addition to the cost of the missing book. If an approved library quality replacement book is purchased by a family, only the lost book $5 processing fee will be charged. Rev. 03/01/21.