State Tax Credit Scholarships

  • Applying for Scholarships
    Applications are aalways available for most School Tuition Organizations (STO's) to apply for the upcoming school year. We highly recommend applying with the organizations now so you can get a head start on receiving funds for the new year. 
    Recipients of ESA may NOT ACCEPT any School Tuition Organization (STO) scholarships or any tax credit scholarships while enrolled in ESA. HOWEVER, you can solicit Recommended Fund Contributions while your student is on ESA for use once you cancel your ESA contract. To hold awards past the current school year, STO Scholarship Applications must be submitted each new school year and the student must stay continuously enrolled in a Partner School. This allows you to solicit funds for a future higher tuition fee, such as high school.
    ACSTO and STO4Kidz will hold awards since tax credit scholarships and ESA funds cannot be used for tuition at the same time, per the ESA law. To hold awards past the current school year, a Scholarship Application must be submitted each new school year and the student must stay continuously enrolled in a Partner School. ACSTO and STO4Kidz can send awards to your private school once you submit your cancellation of ESA contract documentation to ACSTO and/or STO4KIDZ.  
    Listed below are just some of the School Tuition Organizations (STOs) that provide private school financial assistance. Search 'Arizona School Tuition Organizations' for additional opportunities. Please contact the individual STO for their specific requirements, applications and guidelines.
    There are three types of scholarships available:
    1. Individual-Original Tax Credit Scholarship
    Any student who is attending a qualified private school is eligible to apply for an Original Tax Credit Scholarship. In order to be considered, the student must simply be enrolled at the school and have a completed scholarship application.

    2. Individual-Overflow/PLUS Tax Credit Scholarship, Sometimes Referred to as Switcher
    Students who are eligible fall under these four categories:
    1. Switchers: A student who switched from a public to a qualified private school in the previous school year after having attended public school for at least 90 days (or one full semester) before switching enrollment to a private school.
    2. Kindergarten students entering a qualified private school.
    3. Military: Students who are the dependents of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces who is stationed in Arizona pursuant to military orders.
    4. Corporate/Overflow: A student who has previously received a scholarship from the corporate tax credit or Overflow/PLUS tax credit program, and has continued in a qualified private school ever since. 
    3. Corporate Tax Credit Scholarships
    Students are eligible for these scholarships when the student’s family income meets the low family income requirements AND has previously received either a switcher or an original scholarship award.  Corporate Scholarship Eligibility

School Tuition Organizations (STOs)